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Beautiful sunsets on the island of Santorini

Beautiful sunsets on the island of Santorini


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Sunsets can be astonishing

Those of us who have been to this island or read about it know that it is famous for its spectacular sunsets. They are sure to steal many hearts, more so during them the word „yes” was pronounced from the lips of the ladies to whom they were proposed here. So, it’s good to know where to admire one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

Famous sunsets in the town of Oia

The town of Oia is famous for its white buildings perched on the caldera above the endless sea. Because of its location, the sunsets here are breathtaking. The applause that accompanies them makes us feel like we are witnessing a performance whose main actor is the sun, tentatively descending from the stage. This is undoubtedly one of the must-see events. It should be added that it is best to come a little early to get the best seat.

Santo Vineyard – Greece

Santo Vineyard is another great place to catch the sunset. Above all, it is the place with the best view of the volcano. The warm rays that envelop it after they disappear behind the horizon leave a colourful sky in shades of pink, red and purple. The wines served are remarkable, so it is worth coming here for a tasting in the good company of the setting sun.

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The churches of Fira

Fira is the second most popular town on Santorini after Oia and an ideal place to visit for the famous show. It is worth adding that the local churches, located on the edge of the caldera, are undoubtedly beautiful, and the Catholic Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, commonly known as the Three Bells of Fira, deserves special attention. As the name suggests, it is a bell tower in which three bells hang. The view behind it is almost fairytale-like.

Skaros Rock

Those who do not mind a bit of climbing should head to Imerovigli and visit the Skaros Rock. In contrast to the village of Oia, it is quiet and peaceful here. The sunset in the local landscape certainly makes it so romantic that more than one gentleman will kneel down.

Akrotiri Lighthouse – Greece

The lighthouse of Akrotiri is another point to mark on our map. From here you can see the sea, bathed in the sun and its rays, stretching out on all possible sides. Like Oia, it is a very popular place to watch the sunset, but it is worth a visit.

To sum up, there are many places in Santorini where you can enjoy this spectacular moment, you just have to find a place, in a restaurant, in a café or on a rock, a step or on the beach, but you should remember to look for these places on the west coast of the island.

The author of the article is Magdalena Marcinek

Photo: Magdalena Marcinek

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